Best Smartwatches for Kids

Best SmartWatches for Kids – Top Picks in 2020

‘Hello, Kids! Want to be more fashionable?’ ‘Be Smart with Smartwatches’.  There was a time when only adults prefer to wear watches. ‘Gone those days!’ In this modern age, parents have become more cautious about their kids to make them stay active with learning apps as well as games. With the growing advanced technology, many new innovative things are developed to meet customer’s demands. Out of which, Smartwatch for Kids is one new example to be cited.

Best Smartwatches for Kids


A smartwatch is a small watch that works like a smartphone. Undoubtedly, these best Smartwatches for kids play a vital role for the parents to keep track of their children using GPS.

Factors to Choose the best smartwatch for kids:

Though there are a lot of things to be considered before you purchase the best smartwatch for kids. Numbers of factors are involved in making the best choice-

1. Unique design and easy access

First of all, design and outlook put a great impression on the customer. Then you must also check that your child can understand its features and know how to use it properly. Larger screens with child-friendly buttons are easy to manage by the kids.

2. Parent’s and child’s safety

Every parent wants their child to be safe every moment.  The GPS and SOS tracking buttons help the parents to trace the location of your kid in any dangerous situation. This smartwatch can only have a limit of contacts to make calls and no unknown number can do a call. Inbuilt cameras even help the parents to see what the child is doing around.

3. Two-way communication

You need to buy a smartwatch for your kid, which is equipped with a Sim card slot. This helps to make calls and responding to them. Some watches allow video calls.

4. Apps and a lot of games

It is up to you to decide whether your kids’ smartwatch will offer games or not because there are some pros and cons. If games are offered to kids then there will be fun in their life and the educational content is also helpful for their learning in an interactive way.

5. Monitor your child’s activities

All of you want to know how active your child is, in their daily routine. So, it is necessary to understand every step taken by your kid.

6. Water Proof and durable

Everyone wants to keep their devices safe from water. Always you prefer to wear a waterproof or water-resistant smartwatch to protect it from rain, shower or swimming. Durability also affects the quality of the smartwatch.

7. Entertainment for kids

Kids dance and enjoy to the tune of music. These smartwatches have a music app to entertain the children.

8. Your Child’s age

You must check the smartwatch is suitable for your child’s age because depending on the age there are smartwatches with useful easy features.

9. Battery Longevity

The battery is an important part of any device or gadget. The longer the battery lasts is safe for a GPS tracking facility and to stay connected with the network with regular charging.

Best Smartwatches for Kids:

Here is a list of best smartwatches for kids that have been selected by the USA for the child’s safety with a lot of games and education apps:

1. HuaWise Kids SmartWatch

It is one of the cost-effective smartwatches for kids in American countries. This is also suitable for teenage children, technically wise it is good and has a similarity just like apple watch. Good material quality with a soft elastic bracelet and comfortable for kids.


  • Capacity to feed 10 contacts
  • Audio Player
  • Water-Resistant IP65
  • Lack of GPS
  • Affordable Price
  • Seven Games and inbuilt camera
  • Sim Card insert & supports 2G
  • Helps to make calls

2. Karaforna Kids SmartWatch

It is a one-stop solution for the best smartwatch for kids.


  • Allows to click photos
  • 2-way video calls
  • A large gadget with a 1.44-inch screen
  • 2 sides for flashlight and SOS button & the other side for inserting a SIM
  • Supports T-mobile operators and speed talk
  • Helpful in receiving and answering calls
  • Group Chat
  • No gaming facility but only a math game
  • GPS with 330 ft radius
  • SOS Button for child’s safety
  • Battery charge lasts for a single day
  • No heart rate monitor for night time
  • Walkie-Talkie

3. TickTalk 3

This is an apple smartwatch for kids that are in demand in the USA. It is very helpful for the parent to keep an eye on every moment of their kids. Tick Talk3 with a pretty screen and resolution of 800×480. It can trace the exact location with three different devices with different ranges. There is a monthly plan for your smartwatch like $ 10 with 500 text messages, 500 MB data and 500 minutes. It is fully equipped with all Smartphone features in your list with customizable buttons and excellent design with good pricing.


  • GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi facility 100 to 500 ft
  • Location trace with SOS button
  • Constant touch with Kids
  • Support 4G Sim card
  • Receiving calls and answering to their parents.
  • Send SMS, Photos and also emojis
  • 2MP Front Camera
  • Quality Product with Quality Assurance
  • No games but highly reliable
  • Inbuilt education app
  • Dual way video calling
  • Waterproof
  • Battery Longevity

It is not the end!

  • Easily change the wrist bands
  • Washable and comfortable
  • Do not disturb button that avoids noise or vibration
  • Easy navigation with alarm, pedometer, and calendar
  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Too expensive and can be easily paired to a smartphone.
  • Customer support is available through calls (9 am to 7 pm- Monday- Saturday). Email can be also done to communicate with the support team. There are always ready to assist no matter whatever it may be.

4. VTech Kidizoom DX2

It is manufactured by the largest electronics company in the USA. This usually deals with the new creation of electronic-based learning toys.


  • Specially designed for kids aged 4-9 years
  • Flexibility for children’s wrist
  • Dual mechanical buttons, one meant in controlling the camera
  • Two cameras in the front and back of the smartwatch allow clicking photos.
  • Presence of USB-Cable to upload pictures or images on your computer.
  • Variety of games for every child’s entertainment needs

5. Jsbaby Kids SmartWatch

This is also the best watch for tracing the location of your kid. It is very suitable for you with all the required features, by the parents who worry more about their children.


  • Get in touch with SOS button in case of any danger
  • Make Calls and allows to send voice messages
  • A place for inserting Sim Card
  • Long-distance Walkie Talkie
  • GPS for tracking your kids
  • Lots of applications such as games, videos, educational content and puzzles
  • Water Resistant IP67(not meant for swimming or shower bath)
  • Take photos & videos

6. Fitbit Ace

Fitbit launched the first kid’s device which is also used the older kids.


  • No GPS tracker
  • Battery charge lasts for at least 5 days
  • Small elasticity band
  • Set Reminder on the duration of child’s sleep at night time
  • Water-resistant only to rain

Best SmartWatches For Kids: Overview

ProductMain FeatureProsConsRatings
VTech Kidizoom DX2❏ The best feature with games
❏ Easily connects to smartphones
❏ Recommended for children age 4 to 9 years
❏  Colours available- Pink and Blue
❏ In-built with a lot of  games
❏ Dual cameras with many different effects
❏ Unique cool design
❏ Supports other games
❏ No GPS facility
❏ Cant make video and voice calls
❏ No network facility
Jsbaby❏ Best waterproof smartwatch
❏ It is recommended for children age 3 to 14 years
❏ Color available- Blue and Black
❏ The case is very compatible
❏ Inbuilt camera
❏ Cost-effective
❏ Connects with smartphone easily
❏ No Wi-Fi facility
❏ No inbuilt camera
Karaforna❏ Best smartwatch with a camera
❏ Suitable for kids age 3to 7 years
❏ Colours available- Pink/ Green/ Blue/ Black
❏ Cheap Cost
❏ Good quality camera
❏ Voice chat facility
❏ Not Waterproof
❏ Not connected to Smartphone
❏ Can’t make video calls
TickTalk 3❏ Best for making video and voice calls with GPS tracker
❏ Suitable for kids age 4 to 14 years
❏ Colors available- Black and white
❏ Large display screen
❏ Wrist band with a comfortable strap
❏ Wi-Fi facility available
❏ No games for children to entertain
❏ Low water resistant
Fitbit Ace❏ Best for a Sleep tracker
❏ Suitable for age 10 years
❏ Colours available - Purple and Blue
❏ Easy to Customize
❏ Track the child’s duration of sleep
❏ Hard to find out the location
❏ No facility of Wi-Fi
HuaWise❏ Best affordable smartwatch
❏ Suitable for children age 4 to 12 years
❏ Colour available- Only Green
❏ Good for making calls
❏ Waterproof smartwatch
❏ Cost-effective
❏ Voice calls can be done
❏ Easily connects to Smartphone
❏ Not able to track the location
❏ No messaging facility
❏ No inbuilt camera


1Q. What is the best Smartwatch for Kids?

Ans: Many parents get confused to select the best smartwatch, but VTech Kidizoom DX is the best SmartWatch.

2Q. Why a Sim card is needed for kid's smartwatch?

Ans: A sim card is required for the child’s safety to make calls and receive it. It involves different call plans with different data rates.

3Q. Can a kid's smartwatch be hacked just like an Internet zone?

Ans: Yes, absolutely! This one is also like other smart gadgets that come with many risks. But a parent has to make your child understand its features and to avoid answering calls or text messages from the unknown numbers which are not there in their contact list.

4Q. How can you pick the best smartwatches from online?

Ans: Research and the ratings given by the customers will truly help you to choose the correct one for your kid. You can buy from many reliable and trusted online sites with great discounts.

5Q. Does the kid’s smartwatch have the same network as the Smartphone?

Ans: No, usually it does not provide the same network via SimCard. It is done through an application that can be downloaded and sync to your phone.


Suggestive smartwatch for your Kids:

A lot of parents don’t allow their children to go to a specific area so they set an alarm alert to trace their kids. Sometimes it is very confusing for the parents to buy a smartwatch for their kids that easily come in their budget with important safety features.

1. Karaforna is the best touch screen watch

  • It is light-weight with manageable features
  • GPS tracking up to 30 meters
  • Supports emergency calls restricted only to three family members from the contact list
  • Appealing colours( Pink, Blue, and Purple) for both girls and boys
  • Structured design impress the children with comfortable soft straps

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 pink colour attracts girls. For children aged 4 to 12 years, there is a customizable clock in the form of digital and analog to easily read the time.

  • Kids can wear every day to schools
  • The large HD screen is loved by kids
  • Very comfortable on the wrist of the watch
  • 3D effect clock with 50 different faces according to your preference
  • Download games for your kids
  • Good option as an education tool with audio-visual learning

3. Fitbit Ace is overall best for performing all the necessary functions; it mainly concerns kids’ fitness.

  • Embedded with all the fitness tracks such as counting steps
  • Monitor the duration of your child’s sleep
  • Compatible to iOS & Android gadgets
  • Same as VTech Kidizoom it mainly focuses on the games.
  • Helps to encourage kids to move on
  • Customize kids smartwatch face with 10 funny designs

Kids’ smartwatches are the best path to get frequently in touch with your child and to give parents a peaceful mind.  There are different GPS watches suitable for children, but it is your job to pick the best one for your child. In the USA, many parents stay alert all the time with their kids’ activity. It is important to understand the safety of the child, so take a wise decision to purchase a smartwatch as the initial step for securing your child from danger or mishappenings.

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