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Best SmartWatches for Women in 2020

Hey, beautiful faces! What’s up? Aren’t you are pampering yourself with super awesome products and jittery accessories? In this content, we will provide you super exciting suggestions that might complete your wardrobe collections. We completely understand the need for good watches to complete your look but, have you ever thought of trying out something stylish yet integrated with super fine technology? Yes! You read it right, yesteryears smartwatches have been heavy, bulky and not more of a fashionable gear to put on.

Smartwatches are setting fashion trends across the globe, and countries like the United States tops in its fashion industry. Smartwatches are setting chic fashion with a shimmering outlook and advanced technology. Come fashionistas, you might hop into one of the best products that can stimulate your desperation badly.

Features to keep in Mind while Buying Women’s SmartWatch:

Before we jump to the recommended smartwatches, let us give you some back influences that mean before choosing your desired smartwatch you must look into the basic features. We thought of giving you this prior advice because once you buy a good smart watch you initially want to spend a good handful amount so that it matches your status quotient proportionately.

1. Battery life

If you are wearing a smartwatch, and what happens if your watch is already dead? You get pissed off, right? You must pay attention while you are buying your Smartphone in terms of battery life. According to us, Amazfit Bit is the longest-running battery and better than the rest of the others. It tops the list with a battery backup of 40 days.

2. Case design

When you can customize your display then there is nothing more exciting than that, Fossils women’s smartwatch gives you exceptional liberty regarding customization.

3. Compatibility

Make sure your smartwatch can easily access both the existing operating system, to ensure flexible flow of communication. Pebble Time Round smartwatch perfectly pairs with both Android and IOS.

4. Water resistance

Samsung Galaxy series of smartwatches are exceptionally good at tackling water resistance. They are undoubtedly the best, though Kate Spade New York, Pebble Time Round is also water-resistant Samsung Galaxy beats every other alternative.

Best Womens Smartwatches in 2020:

Our team of professional experts has minutely gone through every best available smartwatch in the US market. Thus, we are ready to provide you with every insight. The following are some of the best trending bizarre smartwatches that you have to have in your premium collections.

1. Apple Series 4 Watch

  • This top-notch smartwatch from Apple is now more noticeable; it comes with a 30% increased display. Frames of the screen are narrower than previous models.
  • Apple watch comes with four varied color combinations. With its 30% increased screen display now it is fit for useful content.
  • This smartwatch supports LTPO technology and helps in energy efficiency.
  • Due to LTPO technology, screens consume less power and keep your battery life at a much higher level.
  • As you know, Apple is always keen and conscious about their consumers’ health, hence this smartwatch has distinctive equipped advanced heart level sensor.
  • This sensor features to monitor its user’s heart level rate and provides a warning if the pulse level dips. This watch can be a great benefit for cardiac patients.
  • Apple series 4 includes updates with more two health sensor that is ECG and accelerometer.
  • This chic but dragon beast smartwatch for women can do an ECG anytime, anywhere. You just need to scan your finger for 30 seconds.
  • If you suddenly fall down, this super next-generation smartwatch dons an emergency call to the close contacts of yours.

Interface surface of this Apple series 4 is mind-blowing; a new dial of infographics helps you to understand commands more promptly. It includes a case size of 40-44mm. So ladies, if you are a health freak or require self-medication service in an emergency then this tiny instrument is all to uplift your look instantly. The design does not only add a classy look but desirable as well.


  • Huge memory capacity
  • Easy and reliable
  • Prompt action and performance
  • Plenty number of unique functions


  • Battery performance needs up-gradation
  • Not budget-friendly

2. Amazfit Bit

  • You will be astonished to read that this smartwatch has higher battery life. It comes with a reflective touch screen facility.
  • The display of Amazfit Bit is based on polymer film that is capable of reflecting as well as transmitting light, which means the more light, penetrates, more color contrasting becomes the image.
  • In low light situations, this smartwatch has a built-in light source, so in case if you are passing through a tunnel you don’t need to disturb your Smartphone.
  • Amazfit Bit is protected with 3 screens Gorilla Glass with a coating of oleophobic. The body of this smartwatch is made up of scratch-resistant plastic material and offers you four exciting colors like orange, black, white and dark green.
  • It is protected from moisture penetration. If you consider the hardware, then it’s pretty cool. Likewise Apple smartwatch, this one also comes with health services such as measuring step counts and burned calories. It has a timer, an alarm clock, and a weather forecast.
  • Moreover, this smartwatch includes an inbuilt GPS tracker. You can track through your map while traveling in an undiscovered place. Amazfit Bip is entitled to send you immediate notifications on your Smartphone if you receive any.

Hence, all my female counterparts, if you are adventurous, more inclined to sporty instruments, and then this might be waiting for you. This smartwatch is hardy and less complicated with a true feature that you can rely on.


  • Reasonable price
  • Accurate GPS tracker
  • High battery efficient


  • Creates problem while connecting with your Smartphone

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Way back in 2018, Samsung launched its smartwatch line.

  • This galaxy smartwatch model gives you a design of a round mechanical watch; it is further complimented with bezel swivel ring dial. With this swivel ring dial, you can easily control your smartwatch. You can even use this swivel ring to accept or decline a phone call, whenever needed.
  • Samsung galaxy watch has a real ticking sound advanced with its latest software that creates a real feeling of an ordinary traditional watch. You will be able to get a feeling of both the versions of watches in one single platform.
  • This smartwatch model from Samsung for women works excellent with any kind of Android smartphone and IOS phones. The glass on this watch is scratch-free and quite difficult to tamper with damage.
  • You can even monitor your sleep with the help of in-built software called the REM phase. This particular smartwatch will let you know how much sleep and guide you accordingly. Other functionary developments such as health check-ups are installed.
  • Samsung galaxy has included pop in notifications; you will be able to see through your messages by connecting the watch’s own individual SIM card or through Bluetooth.

If you are looking for an elegant and user-friendly smartwatch design, Samsung can offer you the best among rest existing smartwatches. The look is attractive and stylish.


  • Value for money
  • A huge set of a sensor for sports
  • Quick notification alerts


  • Does not sync well with iPhone

4. Pebble Time Round

Well ladies, if you hunting for a smartwatch that fits in your small wrist then Pebble Time Round can become your time round.

  • You will be flattered by its first look because this watch is extremely sleek, thin and immensely weightless. You will be surprised to know that Pebble Time Round is three times thinner than Apple Watch. It comes with 14mm genuine leather. The body is made up of stainless steel.
  • Talking about functionality, this smartwatch is super fast and has high-end smooth animation. You can even synchronize both Android and iPhone. Their history features assist you with your important events and meetings scheduled. To add even more services; this smartwatch can be used for booking Uber, listen to music and much more.
  • Pebble Time Round is a beast; you can use it up to 2 long days without even charging it. You will also be pleased to know that it requires only 15 minutes of charging time. Color combinations may look dull but Pebble smartwatches for US women can be like Rihanna’s Diamonds in the sky.


  • Fast charging
  • Excellent speed
  • Elegant and stylish


  • The leather strap may quickly deteriorate.

5. Kate Spade New York SmartWatch

We bet there are no women across the US who are not aware of this famous brand. Dear ladies, we would like to tell that this American Brand is not limited to accessories and women’s clothes but has also penetrated its market share in women’s smartwatches.

  • This brand has won the 2019’s best women’s smartwatch pageant.
  • Kate Spade comes with relevant two color choices. One is rose gold and silver gold. You can even customize your watch according to your needs styling.
  • It has an activity tracker that monitors sleep, burnt calories, and your traveling distance. Moreover, it adds the voice activation feature and works error-free. It responds to your message notifications and syncs divergently with Android sets.
  • Talking about its battery life, it may upset you but has a good go run for 14 hours. With its flexible dial settings and design, a woman like you can easily be spellbound with this product.


  • Lucrative designs
  • Custom dial


  • Bad sync with iPhone

6. Fossil

  • Fossil has always been providing designs with elegant looks and functionality. Improvising itself in the genre of smartwatches, this dial comes with two color shades, one pink and gold. With its minimalistic design, its body is produced with stainless steel.
  • Fossil has an integrated software interface with Google Wear. The best feature of this product is you can customize the interface and can use pictures from Facebook and Instagram. It also includes GPS tracking, light sensor, microphone, cardiac sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope.
  • A battery can work up to 24 hours on a single charge.
  • Fossil can be considered as one of the best well developed smart watches for women, with its classic design and decent size it goes with any kind of dress and occasion.


  • Value for money
  • Energetic functionaries


  • The strap may loosen up

Comparative Analysis Among the All Women Smartwatches:

Smartwatches are filled with heavy detailing and it is next to impossible to memorize every basic feature. For your better understanding, we have drawn a chart that compares all the above brands in terms of their basic specifications and price tags.

BrandsApple series 4 watchAmazfit BitSamsung Galaxy WatchPebble Time RoundKate Spade New YorkFossil
Resolution44mm176*176 pixels360*360 pixels144*168 pixels390*390 pixels320*290 pixels
CompatibilityiPhoneAndroid & iPhoneAndroidAndroid & iPhoneAndroidAndroid & iPhone
Display Size40mm 1.28’’inch1.3’’inch1.0’’inch1.19’’inch1.73inch
Memory16 GBNA4 GBNA4 GB4 GB
Processor64bit dual processor208Mhz1.15GHz dual core100MHz2100 Snapdragon wear200Mhz
Overall Rating3.5/54.5/54/53/53.5/52.5/5

Recommended top 2 watches

We are almost dropping at the end; we are assured that this content must have pleased your thoughts. Though from our end, we would like to recommend you with the top 2 smartwatches on various parameters discussed above.

  • Amazfit Bit

With a close study with premium Apple series 4, Amazfit Bit stands out loud not just because of battery backup but aspects including compatibility, features, and flexibility. Apple may bring the finest LTPO technology but is unable to beat Amazfit Bit in leading smartwatches for women.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung yet again proved why he is the king of innovations. This smartwatch may irk your pockets but when you will start using this item, you don’t want to think of any other brand. Fossil tried to contest with Samsung Galaxy smartwatch series but couldn’t manage to provide those exceptional features that Samsung Galaxy is providing.


Q1. Can smartwatches make phone calls?

A: Not apparently every smartwatch can make calls but if you want to enjoy this facility we definitely recommend you to go ahead with Samsung Galaxy watch.

Q2. Is it compulsory to sync phone with a smartwatch?

A: Synchronizing your phone allows you to use more extra features.

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