Best Golf Smartwatches

Best Smartwatches for Golf in 2020

Are you looking for a new smartwatch for golf? Well, we have a list of some best smartwatches for you. You can choose the fittest for you. Now we have a basic key question. Why are you looking to buy a smartwatch for your golf game? Because Smartwatches are one of the new crazes among the U.S. golfers at your preferred club.

Best Golf Smartwatches


If you have seen someone who uses a smartwatch and you are impressed with this device. Basically, you don’t want to fall behind your companion on this course. In the term of economics, it is called a neighboring effect.

Top 5 Smartwatches for Golf in the USA (2020):

In the U.S. market, you can find more than a thousand types of different smartwatches. It is hard to choose the fittest one. Just for this hazard, we have chosen the top 5 devices for you.

1. Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch

To start a new experience with Garmin Approach S20 is surprising for you. It provides you several services with some best one.

  • They loaded more than 30 thousand different golf courses onto the smartwatch. It assists you with several data while playing a course that is loaded on the watch and these data will help you to make a strong and effective decision.
  • You also get a Scorecard on your smartwatch which reduces the extra loaded with a pen and a notepad. This feature allows you to keep a track of your shots. This scorecard can recognize and provides relevant data regarding your performance.
  • The smart device also can recognize the hole which you are playing on. By using Garmin Approach S20 device you can get an idea about the distance between the hole and your standing location. You will be able to measure how far your shots have traveled every time.
  • This smart device is specially designed to work in different types of areas without any haze. Its strap is comfortable and it can be kept with you over the whole day.
  • There are no subscriptions charges are needed to pay for using the maps which are come on your device.


  • The battery runs a long period.
  • The device is stylish and lightweight.
  • The customer support section is incredible
  • It can recognize the distance between you and the hole while you are playing.
  • More than 30 thousand maps are already preloaded.
  • No subscription charges needed.


  • The strap of the watch is weaker than others.

2. GolfBuddy GB9 WTX

This second popular Smartwatch is also designed with some incredible features. According to the critic’s choice and customer’s rating, it is another best device after Garmin Approach S20.

  • There is a smartphone application attached to this device that you can load several numbers of new maps and existing software updates. You will not need to pay any charges for updating your maps on your smartwatch.
  • This smartwatch is also surprisingly lightweight. It comes near about 62 grams of weight. You will not need to carry over luggage onto the ground.
  • This device comes with more than 35 thousand inbuilt golf courses.
  • This application provides you a special feature, which are Bluetooth notifications. If the need arises, you can use your smartwatch to locate your mobile phone.
  • It also shows the distance between you and the preferred location like center, front and also back of the ground.
  • This device compiles the USGA regulations which help to perform well in a competition.
  • Not only those can you use GPS services along with other services when it is needed.
  • You can also measure the distance between the hole and your position by using this device.
  • By using the inbuilt pedometer you can track how far you walk on the course.


  • The device can automatically detect the golf course.
  • It includes near about 40 thousand golf courses.
  • The device is designed mainly for amateur users.
  • The battery is not so bad. It covers a round or two matches.
  • The price range is not so high.
  • The overhead view of the device allows you to enjoy a great visual aid.


  • The hole detection application is not so high quality. It takes a longer time than others.

3. Garmin Approach S60

The Garmin Approach S60 is the latest models that Garmin has released in this year. The device designed as you can easily fit into your daily life. The premium and sophisticated look catch the attention of many users. You can get a lot of features like the following.

  • The battery power of the device is great. You can complete a round of golf match without running out of the charge. It lasts at least 10 hours without any interruption.
  • It includes approximately 40 thousand inbuilt preloaded golf courses.
  • By using GPS it can locate the golf courses where you are present at that time. This feature helps you to take advance guidance about your game and the location.
  • Approach S60 is fully touch screen. The screen of the device is near about 1.2 inches. You can easily use it while, Snowboarding, Paddle boarding, Skiing Trip, XC Skiing and Rowing. You can also interact with the map by using this touch screen facility on the screen.
  • There is a special feature PlasLike Distance attached to this device. By using this application you can measure the uphill and downhill distances from your current location. It helps you to know how far you are from the hole.


  • You can get an accurate reading of the yardage.
  • It offers a large number of versatile uses.
  • Customization features are included in the device.
  • It allows you to interact with other golfers who are playing on the same game
  • Its Pedometer shows accurate results.
  • Battery life is very good.
  • Customer services are very active.


  • The price range is higher than the others.

4. Shot Scope V2

It is a dynamic device that works in an exclusive way. Shot Scope V2 is one of the most fashionable smartwatches in US market. The features include in this device are:

  • You can access the device with iOS, Android and Desktop. Free accounts available on these devices.
  • This smartwatch includes an automatic tour-level performance analysis.
  • Shot Scope V2 made sure about everything on the device that complies with the USGA rules or not.
  • You can delete your practice shots and this will help to develop accurate data when the plotting of data is completely done.
  • Not only that an aerial map always guides you to point out the exact location.
  • By using this device you can prepare a statistical report to cover the tee shots, clubs, approaches and more.


  • It is one of the most accurate devices.
  • GPS system is also very standard in its quality.
  • Very easy to use during golf course
  • Battery life is satisfactory.
  • The subscription is absolutely free.
  • An aerial view includes in this device.


  • It is quite difficult to access for the beginners.
  • The side button of the device is more sensitive which increases the risk while using.

5. Callaway GPSy Golf Watch

Callaway GPSy is famous for its great accuracy in GPS services on the course. Just like others, the subscription charge is completely free in this device.

  • It provides more than 30 thousand preloaded golf courses. Just trigger this feature and you are permitted to playing any of them whichever you like.
  • A scorekeeper application allows you to track your performance without using a pen and notepad. Suppose, you finish the first hole and move on to the second one, this device recognizes this and put a notification on your smartwatch.
  • It also allows you to measure the distance between your shots and keeps a record of it.
  • Satellite configured time viewer automatically updated from time to time. It allows you to choose between digital or analog display.
  • The battery life of the device is greatly impressive. You can use the device close to half of the day. If you don’t want to use the GPS, then the battery will run up to 90 days.
  • The device is eye-catchy attractive due to its fashionable looks.


  • This device is easy to use by beginners to experts.
  • Battery life of the product is excellent.
  • GPS service is accurate.
  • It covers more than 30 thousand golf courses including the latest one.
  • Distance tracking features are incredible.
  • There are no installation charges or service charges needed.


  • It takes a long time to pick a satellite connection which is unexpected.

Smartwatches For Golf: Overview

CharacteristicsGarmin Approach S20GolfBuddy GB9 WTXGarmin Approach S60Shot Scope V2Callaway GPSy
Display size23X23 mm21X21 mm23X26mm24X27mm23X23 mm
Battery life‎● Smartwatch mode: up to 8 weeks
‎● GPS mode: up to 15 hours
● Smartwatch mode: up to  2 weeks
● GPS mode: up to 8  hours
● Smartwatch mode: up to  10 days
● GPS mode: up to  10 hours
● Smartwatch mode: up to  10 days
● GPS mode: up to 4.5 hours
● Smartwatch mode: up to 90 days
● GPS mode: up to 12 hours
Rating5 out of 53.4 out of 53.7 out of 54.2 out of 53.3 out of 5

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Why Smartwatches is important for golf?

Ans: A Golf Smartwatch can provide a lot of facilities to its users like:

  1. By using a smartwatch you can keep your score in an electronic scorecard without using a notepad and pen.
  2. It provides notification from your smartphone.
  3. There is a special application that you can easily use for any type of golf-related data analysis.
  4. Not only that you can get huge numbers of preloaded maps in a single device.

2Q. According to the discussion which is the fittest brand for me?

Ans: From the discussion, we like to let you know that Garmin is the best for any smartwatch user. Garmin produces lots of golf watches on the US market. We consider the Garmin Approach S20 and Approach S60 are the best two devices among the others.

3Q. Which one is best for a beginner?

Ans: We think Callaway GPSy is best for beginners because of its simple uses and affordable price.

4Q. Are all the smartwatches designed with waterproof technology?

Ans: No! Just like all the fingers are not equal, not all the smartwatches are waterproof. Only Garmin Approach is waterproof up to 50 meters of depth. You would never get worried about any kind of water damage. Please note that we will strongly suggest you against taking the device with you while swimming.

Our Recommendation

Out of the top 5 smartwatches for golf, we have chosen one of them that we think Garmin Approach S20 is the best for you. It is really a fantastic smartwatch packed with some exciting features.

Let’s see what the best on this is:

  • The battery of this device is incredibly very good. It runs a long period.
  • More than 30 thousand maps are preloaded on this device.
  • You can get this product without any subscriptions for accessing the data.
  • The device is lightweight and stylish by its look.
  • Customer supporting facilities are incredible rather than other devices.
  • This smartwatch can automatically recognize the hole and the course you are playing on.
  • This device is designed with completely waterproof technology. In case your device gets wet in monsoon, do not worry it remains activated.

For your help, we provide another comparison table including some best options.

Which one is easy to use? Callaway GPSy
Which one is best regarding skill level? Garmin Approach S20
Battery life is the best in which smartwatch? Garmin Approach S20
Most affordable price? Shot Scope V2
Best user’s review. Garmin Approach S20

We try to guide you with several pieces of information which will help to make a strong decision regarding smartwatches. We encourage you to compare the products that we already listed in this article. Now it is your time to choose your new companion and be happy with golfing.

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