Best Cordless Phones reviews

Best Cordless Phones 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Phones have become an essential part of life.’ In the past, people used landline phones but now advanced technology has changed a lot. The mobile phones replaced landline phones and not widely used by most of the people. Nowadays, in the US every household prefers to buy new cordless phones for their offices or homes. Thanks a lot to new advanced cordless phones that again caught the attention of the people. You must be thinking why? This is because cordless phones provide better quality voice rather than mobile phones. However, one can rely easily on landline cordless phones over mobile phones.

Factors Consider Before Buy Best Cordless Phones:

Best Cordless Phones reviews

Most of the people prefer to use their cell phones rather than holding their landlines. It is quite essential on your part to have a home cordless phone for convenience. ‘Am I right?’ Usually, home phones provide security as it is connected with your residence address, so that an emergency helpline number 911 operator can easily track the number in case of urgency. With its ultimate tests, a cordless phone has proven the best for clear voice quality, and a noise reduction system maybe your office or home. So let’s consider the factors to get the best cordless phone worth its price and features:

Extension of numbers

  • If you require for a small home then a single handset is approachable. Or else for larger home space, multiple handsets are required.
  • For some cordless phones, there is a replacement of handset and a charging base.

Required features for use

  • The necessary point to be remembered, while you buy you check all the features such as a headset jack, caller ID, speaker phone, and ringer provided at its base & phone.
  • More features lead to a high price.


  • Cordless phones offer crystal clear voice quality.
  • Battery should last for 8 hours or even more for long conversations.
  • Some cordless phones come with rechargeable batteries that are cheap and recycled.

Give a try

  • Rush to a retail shop and check whether the cordless phones fit comfortably on your earpiece.
  • The earpiece should be rounded and with its recessed center, it could fit in the middle of the user’s ear.

Versatile usage

  • Check all the essential features like keypad buttons, ringers with Caller ID, and volume booster and many more.

Power Saving Mode

  • Lack of electricity does not allow cordless phones to work.
  • There should be a power saving mode.
  • Keep a charging base with a spare handset for battery backup.
  • While others utilize power saving from the handset.

Return Policy

  • While buying, carefully go through its return policy so that you don’t face any unresolved problems at home like its wireless interference.

Types of Cordless Phones:

Cordless phones come with two different types-

1. Cordless Phones with built-in answering machine:

These are relatively large and expensive as compared to the other ones. It enables in recording messages, listening to callers, and screening incoming calls.

  • Multiple features like answer control, screening of calls, volume control of the speaker, remote access, selected rings and different ways for message navigation.
  • Message indicator that lets you know messages received with a date and time. Most of the cordless phones have 1 mailbox for messages.
  • Many handsets come with message light indicator on voice mailbox.
  • During a power cut, most cordless phones retain their messages & greetings.
  • It is a bit expensive cordless phone as compared to other handsets.
  • It occupies quite a bit more space.

2. Cordless Phones without answering machine:

It is a simple handset for those people who don’t require the indicators and bells.

  • No power cord is required for working.
  • Enlarged buttons for easy view.
  • Red glowing indicator for incoming calls in case you fail to hear the ring.
  • Single touch button for customer assistance.
  • User friendly features like the limitation of numbers, names, date & time, and speaker control volume.
  • The scroll wheel helps in adjusting the call volume.
  • Features are limited.
  • Restricted support to only a few models.

But both of them use DECT technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) for reducing interferences. DECT enabled technology allows for longer conversations than the previous analog phones. There should be a cord base for backup of battery and smart decision to buy for power cut areas.

Best Cordless Phones in 2020 – Features & Review

In the market, there are various types of cordless phones with different features, benefits, and prices. Here is a list of the best cordless phones that offers you with advanced technologies.

1. VTech CS6529-2 Dect 6.0

  • VTech CS6529-2 is an affordable and high- end technology cordless phone manufactured by VTech.
  • It has advanced features and its LCDs the names, dates, numbers and time of all incoming calls.
  • With a single touch of a phone button, it turns to a hands-free cordless phone. VTech has an illuminating feature that enables you to see the keypad and display screen even in dim light situations.
  • The long lasting battery is durable because of its power-saving mode. The ring tone can be kept mute as per your requirement.
  • Before use, you must carefully read all the instructions of use given in the User Manual of the cordless phone. For the long term usage, it is definitely a wise option to invest in this versatile cordless phone and relax for the rest of your life.

Key Features:

  • Caller ID handset
  • One phone jack supports 5 handsets
  • Made in China
  • Tri-language options(Spanish, French, and English)
  • Colors available- Black or Silver

Items Included:

  • Instructions manual
  • Power adapter
  • Telephone base
  • Cordless handset
  • Charger
  • Wall-Mounting bracket
  • Battery and its cover

2. Panasonic KX- TGE474S

  • This phone consists of four handsets and extensively bought by US people. Its answering machine and 2 keypads help to make calls & record them easily.
  • Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your cell phone with your cordless phone.
  • The caller ID announces the calls in English and Spanish that lets you know the person who is calling.
  • Call block feature stops all harassing calls up to 250 unwanted numbers located on its base unit. In addition to its benefits, there are other features like headset jack, reduction of noise, compatible Eco-mode, both keypads & baby mode. It is cost effective that fits your wallet.

Key Features:

  • Connects to 2 smartphones via Bluetooth technology
  • Call alert available
  • Noise reduction with clear sound quality
  • Battery backup is excellent as it lasts for 12 hours
  • Approximately takes 7 hours to charge.

Items Included:

  • 5 cordless handsets
  • Wall mount bracket
  • 2 AAA Ni-MH batteries included
  • Belt clip available
  • Base Unit

3. AT & T CL82407 Expandable DECT 6.0

  • This cordless phone comes with four advanced technology handsets with top features.
  • The inbuilt answering system records up to 22 mins of voice messages.
  • It has an HD audio facility with an equalizer to improve the quality of the voice.
  • The LCD screen shows a clear view of numbers.
  • Records more than 50 names & numbers.
  • Colour options are available like black or silver.

Key Features:

  • Digital answering machine
  • HD equalizer for audio control
  • Backlit keypad display
  • Crystal Clear voice passed
  • Speed dial up to 9 numbers
  • Call volume can be controlled
  • Waiting indicator

Items Included:

  • AAA(4) batteries included

4. AT & T CL 81214 Expandable Cordless

  • It is a high technology loaded cordless phone from the manufacturer of AT & T.
  • Dect 6.0 is a digital technology that provides clear voice quality.
  • Enlarged backlit keypads are user friendly and accessible. Large keypad font also helpful for blind people.
  • Battery lasting is good because of its Power-Saving Eco Mode.
  • It can be extended up to twelve handsets, may be for your workplace or home.
  • Internal memory stores up to 50 numbers & names.
  • Ringer volume can be mute for a long time as per your need.

Key Features:

  • DECT 6.0 technology
  • Large font, best for visually impaired
  • Eco Mode for managing power consumption
  • Mute Mode
  • Supports any AT&T cordless phone
  • Retrieves ten recent calls

Items Included:

  • AA(2) batteries included

5. Panasonic KX-TGC352B

  • It is an international brand highly recognized for its high end technology.
  • Panasonic cordless phone offers 2 cordless handsets supplied with a slight-yellow backlit display.
  • The illuminated features of keypad enable you to use in dim light situations. It does not offer the digital answering feature, but it has a call block facility and putting the phone in silent mode.
  • Despite its non-availability of answering system, its advanced features are great for usage.

Key Features:

  • Amber Backlit  Display
  • Block harassing calls
  • Power Eco Mode
  • Mute Mode
  • Caller ID display

Items Included:

  • 2 cordless handsets
  • 2 AAA Ni-MH batteries are included
  • Wall mount bracket
  • Base Unit

6. Panasonic KX-TGD532W

  • Panasonic is an extensive offer for users. Its features are really unbeatable compared to other cordless phones.
  • It is provided with 2- cordless handsets with advanced technology such as an In-built answering machine and easy call blocking feature.
  • The caller ID feature helps to hear crystal clear voice from the speaker. The call block system enables you to block around 150 unwanted calls.
  • It is 1.6” LCD gives a clear display of the numbers and names on the display. I think this is the worth of its price with high technology and better for your home.

Key Features:

  • Single touch cordless phone
  • Supports T coil with the hearing aid
  • Bilingual facility-Spanish/English
  • Amber backlit
  • Stand Mode lasts for five days

Items Included:

  • Two cordless handsets
  • Wall mount bracket
  • White color handset
  • Two rechargeable batteries(AAA-Ni-MH)

7. AT & T CRL82312 Expandable Cordless

  • This cordless phone is an efficient phone with high technology for multipurpose. Its DECT6.0 Digi tech gives a clear quality voice.
  • The ring volume can be silenced as per the users’ requirements. Enlarged LCD helps to clearly see the numbers & names on the display screen.
  • The convenient large buttons are easy to use. It can be paired with 12 handsets for more convenience.
  • It serves all the features that fulfill the daily requirement.

Key Features:

  • DECT 6.0
  • Mute available
  • Supports other AT&T cordless phones
  • XL display screen
  • Speed dial up to 9 numbers
  • Conference facility

Items Included:

  • One lithium-ion battery included

8. AT & T EL51103

  • It is cost effective and its versatility is unmatched with other cordless phones.
  • This phone is convenient with an enlarged LCD for a clear number view as well as the names.
  • Dect 6.0 technology is a digital feature that delivers crystal clear voice from the end user. Its features and large buttons are user friendly and long durability.
  • The caller ID records more than 50 numbers & names. Undoubtedly, this phone is the best and reliable cordless phone available in the US market.

Key Features:

  • Digital Technology
  • Call waiting indicator with a subscription service
  • Not meant for below three years.

Items Included:

  • Battery and cover
  • User manual
  • Cordless handset
  • Adapter
  • Telephone base

9. Panasonic KX-TG7875S

  • Panasonic occupied wide popularity in the world with its advanced feature technology. It is an ideal cordless phone for office use and homes.
  • It is compatible with your smartphone because of its Bluetooth and Link2Cell technology.
  • This phone allows you to hear the clear voice of the speaker because of the noise reduction feature.
  • It also provides a USB port to charge your smart device in case of a sudden power cut. The caller ID helps to track all the messages and texts over there.
  • So, if you really want to buy a multi-function cordless phone for your office or residence, then Panasonic KX-TG7875S is the most efficient cordless phone.

Key Features:

  • Best for a small workplace and home
  • The single phone connects to 5 handsets via Bluetooth technology
  • USB and Back up
  • Noise Reduction
  • Takes 7 hours to charge the phone
  • Frequency is 1.9 GHz

Items Included:

  • Batteries are included(10AAA)

10. VTech CS6709

  • VTech is the best quality phone with high technology from VTech. It deserves to be top listed in the best cordless phones.
  • It offers high end quality voice with clarity because of its advanced DECT 6.0 Digi-tech.
  • It has a large keypad that is user friendly and high responsive. Even, people with deformities like visually impaired can easily use the large fonts on the keypad.
  • Battery life is also efficient whereas the ringing volume of the phone can also be kept silenced as per your requirement.

Key Features:

  • Provided with two handsets
  • Easy hands free calls
  • Mute option for long extended time

Items Included:

  • 2 cordless handsets
  • Instruction Manual
  • Two batteries are included
  • 2 Battery covers
  • Telephone base
  • Adapter
  • Charger

Our Suggested Ones:

Agreed!’ Don’t be afraid to pick the ultimate best cordless phones for your home. You may wonder about its sound quality, durability, and caller ID. Briefing up, the top picks of cordless phones for everyday use:

1. VTech CS6709

  • This cordless phone can be bought in the US.
  • It is a compatible handset with VTech support.
  • Latest 6.0 technology for crystal clear voice
  • Packed with 2 handsets

2. AT&T EL51103

  • Easy reading because of a white backlit display screen
  • Compatible base
  • Maximum handsets are supported

3. Panasonic KX-TG7875S

  • It never misses any texts because of its caller ID alert
  • Noise reduction enables to minimize the noise and let you hear crystal clear voice
  • Connects to 2 smartphones for making and receiving calls
  • A USB port for charging your smart device
  • The battery is also compatible
  • Offers five cordless handsets with Digi tech answer machine

4. AT&T CL82407 Expandable DECT 6.0

  • One of the best cordless phones suited for a big house or big family
  • Detects harassing calls and easily blocks the unwanted calls.
  • Enlarged keypad fonts are better for elderly people to use
  • It has a limitation of 50 numbers to be kept in the directory.
  • The total weight of the product is 454 gms

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1Q. How long a cordless phone battery does last?

Ans: With a single charge, the average durability of the battery lasts for one to two years. For rare cases, it may be unable to get charge within 1 year.

2Q. Does a cordless phone require a phone socket?

Ans: Actually, to charge your cordless phone electricity is most essential. The base station powers the answering system, radio, and also charges the phone.

3Q. How does a cordless phone work?

Ans: Cordless phones are very simple to connect by using its radio frequency at the base unit that in turn connects to any landline set. The main advantage of a cordless phone enables one to receive and make calls.

4Q. Can a cordless phone leave on the charger?

Ans: Yes, you can leave the phone on the charger after your handset is completely charged without affecting the batteries. It is advisable not to use alkaline batteries that may damage your cordless phone.

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